Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do marketers know what their commercials are supposed to accomplish?

So over the past couple of months you may have noticed a new commercial featuring two guys with a guitar singing a catchy rock song. The commercial is designed to encourage people to visit the website And the lyrics of the song provide evidence as to why one should go to the site. So far the spots have featured knights, pirates, renaissance fairs, and valet attendants. The ad is done well, it is catchy its got favorable reviews the singers are actually comedians; it has YouTube hits and numerous blogs quoting. The ad has even made it into popular late night TV, with mentions by Stephen Colbert and other comedians. The jingle is well-balanced countering the message with the site, and avoiding over jamming the site name down a persons throat. So what is it that I do not like about this ad? The problem is this ad seems to be targeted to GenX and GenY consumers, however rather than offering a free product and creating an ad to drive traffic and promote the parent company the ad simply says at the end "offer applies with enrollment in triple AAA advantage enrolment". Am I missing something you are directing young people and potential customers to a website and then telling them that they need to buy an insurance with your company in order to use this service. This is the problem the advertising agency has crafted a well-done ad that promotes the service and entertains, however the service they are selling is poorly organized and wrongfully targeted. Love to get your feedback on this one, I did some research and Adweek has not done any reports so I can only speculate as to how successful this commercial is in terms of revenue, however as I have pointed out I highly doubt that it has accomplished for AAA what it was intended to.

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